SocialWatt Plan

SocialWatt Plan

SocialWatt Plan is a decision support tool designed to enable utilities, energy providers, energy service companies, and other interested parties to evaluate the performance of different schemes and actions to tackle energy poverty. In particular, SocialWatt Plan provides the user with a set of optimal portfolios, comprising different combinations of energy poverty schemes and actions, along with information on optimal budget and number of energy poor households allocation for each scheme. The energy poverty schemes considered (e.g., ‘Greening Home’, ‘Renovate your home’, ‘Smarter Home’, etc.), comprise behavioural measures, low, medium and high-cost energy efficiency actions, as well as the installation of renewable energy sources.

SocialWatt Plan is a user-friendly tool that incorporates an optimisation process that is structured in a Multi-objective Programming framework, developed to consider a set of targets and constraints, and to minimise investment costs from the uses’ perspective and maximise energy savings.

Detailed instructions for downloading and installing SocialWatt Plan can be downloaded here .




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