SocialWatt Analyser

SocialWatt Analyser


SocialWatt Analyser is a decision support tool that has been designed to help utilities, energy providers and energy service companies identify energy poor households among their clients. Its primary purpose is to facilitate users to more effectively identify and target households in energy poverty. More specifically, SocialWatt Analyser enables utilities to identify energy poor households using customer data collected and held internally, especially energy consumption and cost data at household level, as well as readily available data (such as climate data and income data), computed data (e.g. energy needs) and other customer data (e.g., arrears on utility bills).

SocialWatt Analyser is a user-friendly tool that allows customisations, in terms of different input methods, data types and structures, and consequently facilitates utilities (even those with limited expertise) to identify energy poor households.

Detailed instructions for downloading and installing SocialWatt Analyser can be downloaded here.

More information on the modelling methodology, data requirements and resources, the development process, the interconnections between the tools, the testing and validation process and the tools configuration can be found here.

A manual for running the tool is also available here, which includes step by step instructions for its use, as well as information on inputs required and outputs produced.

Finally, you can watch a demo of the tool here




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