Other Key Stakeholders

Numerous stakeholders, including energy companies, experts in energy efficiency and energy poverty, social services, policy makers, financial institutions and researchers are encouraged to actively participate in SocialWatt activities, whilst in parallel benefit from the development, implementation, testing and exploitation of innovative schemes to alleviate energy poverty.

Εnergy poor households

People having difficulty paying their energy bills and/or adequately heating/cooling their home are the final recipients of all SocialWatt activities implemented by utilities and energy suppliers. In particular, the schemes developed are focused on triggering investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy at household level.
They will be involved in SocialWatt during different implementation phases of the project, through physical meetings, conferences and direct communication / consultation with the project team, as necessary.

Interest Level

Researchers and Academia
Policy makers and public authorities
Financial Institutions
Social services
Experts in energy efficiency and energy poverty
Utilities, energy suppliers and other obligated parties
Εnergy poor citizens



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