SocialWatt Check

SocialWatt Check


SocialWatt Check is a tool designed to assist utilities, energy providers, energy service companies, and other interested parties to effectively monitor and evaluate schemes being implemented. In particular, SocialWatt Check aims to monitor the effectiveness of schemes and evaluate their impact, in terms of energy savings, CO2 emission reductions, increases in renewable energy production. With this tool the user can track progress and identify in a timely manner deviations related to the implementation of the schemes, in order to either exploit opportunities or identify risks/threats and put in place corrective actions to meet targets. This tool can also be used to estimate the long-term impact of schemes based on their current performance.

Detailed instructions for downloading and installing SocialWatt Check can be downloaded here.

More information on the modelling methodology, data requirements and resources, the development process, the interconnections between the tools, the testing and validation process and the tools configuration can be found here.

A manual for running the tool is also available here, which includes step by step instructions for its use, as well as information on inputs required and outputs produced.

Finally, you can watch a demo of the tool here




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