The 2nd SocialWatt Capacity Building Workshop

The second SocialWatt capacity building workshop on alleviating energy poverty was successfully organised virtually on the 24th of August 2020 and on the 15th of October 2020.

The first part of the workshop (24th of August 2020) focused on how to best engage with energy poverty households. The presentations are available to download below.

Engaging with energy poor households - experience from the UK
Louise Sunderland (The Regulatory Assistance Project)

Social services outreach to energy poor households - experience from Austria
Maria-Elisabeth Bruckl (Caritas Austria)

Options for financing energy efficiency schemes to tackle energy poverty
Jan Rosenow (The Regulatory Assistance Project)

The second part of the workshop (15th of October 2020) focused on successful schemes utilities have implemented to alleviate energy poverty. Particular emphasis was given on how schemes have been financed and designed.  The presentations are available to download below.

RenOnBill: On-bill financing for facilitating energy efficiency interventions in residential buildings
Vincenzo Bianco (University of Geneva)

Designing pay for performance schemes for the residential sector
Ben Brown (Pacific Gas and Electric)

Innovative schemes to alleviate energy poverty in France
Dominique Osso (EDF France)

Energy Poverty Ombudsman Office in Vienna Energy
Kyoni Mbuya Yolande (Vienna Energy)

The use of ESCOs to facilitate sustainable energy interventions in households
Vlasta Zanki (HEP ESCO)





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