The EED Energy Savings Obligation and Energy Poverty Alleviation

The EED Energy Savings Obligation and Energy Poverty Alleviation

The EC has recently launched its recast proposal for a revised Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which introduces an obligation for EU countries to implement energy efficiency measures as a priority among vulnerable customers, people affected by energy poverty and, where applicable, people living in social housing. In particular, under the energy savings obligation, each Member State will have an obligation to achieve a share of energy savings among vulnerable customers and people affected by energy poverty.

SocialWatt and ENSMOV, two projects funded under Horizon 2020, have jointly developed a policy brief for national authorities, energy and social policy experts and advocates. This policy brief provides an overview of the new requirement under the energy savings obligation and explains how the shares are calculated for each Member State. It then focusses on the policy measure that contributes the most to the aggregate achievement of the energy savings obligation target, the Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (EEOSs). Finally, the briefing shares lessons from countries where EEOSs are used to alleviate energy poverty.

The policy brief is available to download here.




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